Presenter Title Date
Daehwa Kim Bodyprint: Biometric User Identification on Mobile Devices Using the Capacitive Touchscreen to Scan Body Parts 3 August 2017
Hansol Yoo SmartAdP: Visual Analytics of Large-scale Taxi Trajectories for Selecting Billboard Locations 3 August 2017
Heena Kwag Cognitive Paper in CHI 17 – Increasing Users’ Confidence in Uncertain Data by Aggregating Data from Multiple Sources 13 July 2017
Chunggi Lee A survey of traffic data visualization 06 July 2017
Juyoung Oh IEEE PacificVis 2017 Summary (PART2) 25 May 2017
Juyoung Oh ETRI Internship 25 May 2017
Kuatbek Mukabak IEEE PacificVis 2017 Summary (PART1) 19 May 2017
Kuatbek Mukabak SensePath: Understanding the Sensemaking Process through Analytic Provenance 16 Feb 2017
Deahwa Kim RadarCat: Radar Categorization for Input & Interaction 16 Feb 2017
Jihyeon Yang Exploring the Impact of Emotion on Visual Judjement 02 Feb 2017
SoHwan Park Novel 3D/VR Interactive Environment for MD Simulations, Visualization and Analysis 26 Jan 2017
Yousang Oh Head Mounted Projection Display & Visual Attention: Visual Attentional Processing of Head Referenced Static and Dynamic Displays while in Motion and Standing 19 Jan 2017
Kuatbek Mukabak Web SenseMaking Log Analysis 19 Jan 2017