Open Positions

I am looking for motivated undergraduate research interns and graduate students. 
If you are interested in researching on human perception, cognition, interactions (in VR and AR), deep learning interfaces and applications, please email me. 

Tasks Design, implement, and evaluate novel user interfaces, visualization techniques, interaction methods, and visual analytics systems (using deep learning).  

Desired programing skills Any combination of C++, Java, Python, OpenGL, Unity, Web development (JavaScript, D3.js, WebGL, jQuery, Django, HIghcharts, Raphael, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Flask …). 

학부 인턴 / 2020 봄 학기 대학원생
Visualization 기술 개발 (Front-end), 교통 딥러닝, 공유 택시 데이터 분석, 강화학습, 스마트폰 AR,  헬스케어 앱 개발, 스마트폰 Emoji 입력 기술 개발  


To work with me you should contact me first before you apply.
See my calendar to schedule a meeting:   


UNIST Address: 401-10, Bldg. 106, 50, UNIST-gil, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea.
우편번호 44919, 울산광역시 울주군 언양읍 유니스트길 50, 울산과학기술원, 106동 401-10

Lab: 106동 303호